International Youth Motivational Speaker kate fitzsimons

Are you looking for an inspiring speaker who leaves a lasting impact on your students?


“A lot of times I struggle with anxiety so hearing what you said about how I can change my outlook on situations and how that can change my attitude really shifted my perceptions.”

- Student, Idaho Falls High School


Resilience is a skill that can be learned.

And kids need it now more than ever.

Kate’s Aussie accent (along with her wonderful sense of humor) grabs student's attention and keeps them engaged.


She shares her journey overcoming a devastating family tragedy alongside truly useful stress and anxiety reduction techniques. Kids enjoy learning from Kate and walk away from her presentations excited to face their life’s unique pressures and challenges in positive new ways. Kate is an energetic spark—she’s uplifting, relatable, and fun!

Kate is on a mission to help teens navigate life with more resilience, optimism, and courage—in high school and for the rest of their lives.


What students say about Kate’s presentations:


Teen Resilience Presentation

Duration // 1 hour
For high school students—grades 10, 11 & 12.



Kate combines her expertise as a certified life coach with the powerful journey of rebuilding her life after the loss of her sister.

Students learn about the power of their own choices. They learn how to take responsibility for their personal responses to unforeseen and unwelcome circumstances by developing a 'growth mindset.'

Armed with relatable, relevant, and practical tips to develop a growth mindset every day, students will be able to apply their new skills and adopt an improved sense of emotional empowerment and resilience during difficult times.


Students will develop their resilience skills through:

  • Recognising and evaluating the impact of negative thoughts and self-talk

  • Understanding cognitive-behaviour connection between their thoughts, feelings and reactions

  • Learning a simple tool to change unhelpful thoughts and reframe negative beliefs

  • Strategies to develop a growth mindset during adversity

  • Understanding the core beliefs of resilient people

  • Knowing where and who to ask for help


More Student Praise For Kate

The style of her Kate’s is spot on for any young audience, as is it is interactive, engaging and informative. The one area that was covered that we felt benefitted our target group the most was the area of resilience building. Kate is an inspirational speaker that has a personal story to share that provide hints and tips for any age group and is living proof that one can move forward from adversity. I thoroughly recommend her services to any school and age group.
— Adam Lawson, Holy Spirit College
Kate attended our Year 12 Leadership Conference and shared her Resilience Presentation with our girls. Kate has a rare ability to engage students with her story and leaves a powerful message for all involved. There are many engaging speakers out there but few have the ability to make connections with students like Kate does. Her passion for changing lives is abundantly clear and her practical tools for resilience mean that every participant walks away with skills to implement in their daily lives. With the many challenges adolescents face today, I can highly recommend Kate and her Resilience presentation.
— Neil Scotney, Head of Senior School, MLC School
I cannot thank Kate enough for coming to speak to our Year 11 students and sharing her resilience toolkit, or recommend her highly enough to other schools. Her presentation was extremely relevant and timely, targeting the stresses that students experience during their HSC, and giving personal and insightful strategies that students can employ immediately. Positive student feedback shows it was valuable and applicable. This is a program that I will use with future year groups without hesitation.
— Phil Ryan, Leader of Senior Students, Corpus Christi Catholic High School, Oak Flats
Kate’s personal and heart wrenching story described the tragic loss of her sister, Nicole, and her struggles to cope. Kate shared a range of strategies that she found effective and skilfully related these to situations in which our Year 9 - 12 students might find themselves. Her clear and resounding message was that in every circumstance thoughts are momentary and that one chooses which thoughts to focus on; that unhelpful, negative thoughts can be changed. Kate motivated our students to understand that a growth and not fixed mindset is necessary to be able to cope with life’s inevitable challenges and that changing your thinking to change your feelings is a choice we can all make. We look forward to Kate’s presentation next year.
— Gai Bath, School Counsellor, St Mary’s College, Hobart
We were blessed to host Kate Fitzsimons at our school on the beautiful south coast on the 25th of July 2017. Kate presented both the ‘Travel Safe’ presentation to Year 11 and also the ‘Resilience’ presentation to our Year 10 cohort. The Resilience presentation was a highlight for the day. The presentation allowed student to reflect on how far they have come on their own journey of life, how much resilience they have already shown and how the presentation highlighted key points on how to bounce back and overcome hurdles.

As a Senior Teacher and Year Advisor over the past 10 years, I feel every student should have the opportunity to be part of this amazing presentation. The positive vibe and ripple effects this presentation delivers allows the student to rain check on all the positives within their present life.

Thanks Kate for being an awesome role model and positive partner in our Australian school system.
— Mardi Morris, Year 10 Coordinator, Vincentia High
Dear Kate
I just wanted to thank you for such an impactful and thought provoking presentation yesterday at MGGS. Your message was not only life changing but beautifully presented. I guarantee you that your sister is gleaming with pride from above!
— Kind regards, Sue Linstrom, Wellbeing Coach Clarke House Melbourne Girls’ Grammar