Resources and thought-provoking insights to help teens, parents, and teachers become more resilient in every area of their lives.

Kate Fitzsimons is a teen expert, youth motivational speaker and life coach based in New South Wales, Australia.

Kate Fitzsimons is a certified life coach and youth motivational speaker who's on a mission to empower students through the challenges of life's unexpected curves. Kate has uplifted over 50,000 teens across Australia with her school presentations. She also works with teens, parents, and teachers in private coaching sessions to help them become more resilent and confident—no matter the curve balls life throws at them.

"As a cycling athlete I struggle quite a lot with mental challenges due to the pressures of competition. Kate inspired me to see the positives in every circumstance. Today, I smashed out my session—repeating her inspiring words in my head and it’s the best I have felt in weeks! Kate really changed my life! And I can’t thank her enough for it!"

Year 11 Student, Santa Maria College