"Kate gave personal and insightful strategies that students can employ immediately. Positive student feedback shows it was valuable and applicable. This is a program that I will use with future year groups without hesitation."

Phil Ryan, Leader of Senior Students,  
Corpus Christi Catholic High School, Oak Flats


Resilience is a skill that can be learned.

And kids need it now more than ever.


Teen Resilience Presentation

Helping Students Develop Response-Ability

Duration // 1 hour
For high school students—grades 10, 11 & 12.
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Kate combines her expertise as a certified life coach with the powerful journey of rebuilding her life after the loss of her sister.

Students learn about the power of their own choices. They learn how to take responsibility for their personal responses to unforeseen and unwelcome circumstances by developing a 'growth mindset.'

Armed with relatable, relevant, and practical tips to develop a growth mindset every day, students will be able to apply their new skills and adopt an improved sense of emotional empowerment and resilience during difficult times.


Students will develop their resilience skills through:

  • Recognising and evaluating the impact of negative thoughts and self-talk

  • Understanding cognitive-behaviour connection between their thoughts, feelings and reactions

  • Learning a simple tool to change unhelpful thoughts and reframe negative beliefs

  • Strategies to develop a growth mindset during adversity

  • Understanding the core beliefs of resilient people

  • Knowing where and who to ask for help

Having worked with schools for over five years, Kate is highly attuned to the objectives of school's Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Programs, as well as the Life Ready Program, and has specifically created her presentation to help achieve these outcomes for your students. 


What this school principal has to say…

Robert Divine shares his feedback from Kate’s presentation with his students.


Educator praise...

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. I learned so much about using my struggles for strengthening myself and, ultimately, the world. Thank you for coming to IFHS, you changed my life.
— Idaho Falls High School Student
Thank you for your great presentation at our school! I wanted to hear a motivational tip for me, because I usually had depression before you came around. I am now one of your ‘fans’, and thank you for helping me change my life.
— Idaho Falls High School Student
Thank you so much for coming to Idaho Falls High School and talking to us about depression and anxiety. Everywhere in the world could really use your speech. Again thank you so much for coming all the way into america to give your amazing speech
— Idaho Falls High School Student
You inspired me so much to change my perspective. I loved your story and was amazed by your strength and resilience.
— Rigby High School Student
A lot of times I struggle with anxiety so hearing what you said on how I can change my outlook on situations and how that can change my attitude really changed my perceptions...
— Idaho Falls High School Student
You were so inspirational to me today. I have been struggling with some things and you have changed my whole outlook.
— Idaho Falls High School Student
Thank you so much for everything that you’ve helped me understand… you showed me how important it is to always have an open mind and how changing your perspective even the slightest bit can make the biggest impact on your life.
— Idaho Falls High School Student