“An emotional story told with raw honesty. This is a story of resilience and finding ‘good’ in even the most tragic of circumstances.”

Scott Bunting, General Manager AIG Australia


Because we all struggle in ways school never prepared us for…

Adversity doesn’t discriminate - that’s why Kate also speaks at conferences, events, colleges and organizations to people of all ages and backgrounds. Tailoring each talk to suit your goals, she will captivate your audience with her powerful story and empower them with simple strategies to help them become stronger not in-spite of their challenges, but because of them.

With one in five adults suffering a mental health issue, Kate is passionate about filling in the gaps of what was left out of the education system so adults are no longer feeling helpless in their struggles. She is certified as a life coach and experienced in cognitive behavioural tools the audience can use to not only better support themselves but also the youth in their life.

As Australia’s 100 Women of Influence, Kate hooks audiences with her authenticity and courage as she shares bravely shares the despair she faced when her sister was killed in 2012. Already an anxious student battling anxiety, Kate has since gone onto prove what doesn’t kill us can make us stronger. Turning her tragedy into a Charity that's positively impact the lives of over 100,000 people around the world, her passion now is empowering others with the motivation and tools they need to do the same - to turn their struggles into opportunities to grow resilience and find a greater purpose in life.


Kate customizes every presentation taking into account the audience and the client's objectives.

Kate is based out of both Princeton, New Jersey and Sydney, Australia and travels internationally to speak at conferences and organizations.


Clients Include:

  • Women Organizations

  • Educators, Parents and Counselors

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Mental Health Conferences

  • Youth Organizations

  • Leadership Events

  • Summer Camps

  • Not-for-profit Organizations

Popular Topics:

  • Building Resilience & Thriving through Change

  • Loss, Grief & Post-Traumatic Growth

  • Mental Strength & Power of Perspective

  • Being a Change Maker & Leadership skills

  • Positive Psychology & Growth Mindset

  • Forgiveness & Rising Above Injustice

  • Mental Health & Emotional Agility

  • Improving Body Image & Self Confidence

  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety & Perfectionism


Kate was recently named one of the world's first ''Bulanaires'' by Tourism Fiji alongside global inspirations like Kelly Slater. Bulanaires is a play on words for ''billionaires'' and is about promoting that true happiness has nothing to do with having lots of money—but instead it’s about choosing positivity, resilience, and appreciation for the simplest things. She was featured on Arianna Huffington's THRIVE website for her part in the campaign.


Events & Organizations Kate has spoken for include:

  • AIG Australia

  • Special Olympics Australia Winter Games Opening Ceremony 2019

  • Hello Again Grief Conference, South Carolina

  • Empowering Women’s Event by Lisa Trujillo

  • Australian Department of Foreign Affair’s Smart Traveller Consular Launch alongside Former Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop

  • Australia’s Federation of Travel Agent Industry Awards

  • Dancing with Maree Dance School 

  • Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools Conference 

  • University of Wollongong Crossroads Symposium



The generosity of Nichole’s sister Kate in particular is deeply humbling, and I know everyone at the Ball joins me to paying tribute to her courage.
— The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia
To say that Kate ‘got’ the athletes of Special Olympics (SO) is an understatement. The Foundation had previously supported 5 SO Winter Athletes financially and we were delighted that she was a part of the Opening Ceremony of the SO National Winter Games in Jindabyne. Her understanding of the philosophy of SO and the hard work and commitment of the athletes came together in a poignant and memorable presentation to the athletes, coaches, officials, families and volunteers of Special Olympics.

Thank you, Kate for creating a fantastic atmosphere, a wonderful mood, for reminding us what is important and for being a part of the Special Olympics Winter National Games. We would love to continue our relationship and the athletes all concur, you are amazing!!!
— Susie Bennett-Yeo - Special Olympics Volunteer
Kate - I know many others will have told you what a powerful presentation you gave on at the Empowered with LT Event. I can only imagine how difficult it was to manage your emotions and present such a positive message of the value of perseverance and resilience.’

I’m sure your words resonated with many people on the day and I wanted to share that it was helpful to me as well. Funny how people come into our lives from time to time at the exact moment we need to hear a message, and as we cross paths we can share unexpected connections.
— Lisa Trujillo, Event Organizer of LT Events
What an empowering and inspiring talk. We all learned so much. Most importantly, how to turn any misfortune into something of meaning for ourselves and the people around us.
— Maree Khoury, Owner of Dancing with Maree
I invited Kate to speak to our staff to reinforce the important role our industry plays when people need us most. What we got was so much more.....

An emotional story told with raw honesty of how a moment of fun can turn into devastation and impact a family, friends and a community. Kate and her family decided not to let this event define them.

This is a story of resilience and finding ‘good’ and purpose in every event, even the most tragic of circumstances. It also highlights important educational information that should be heard by everyone!
— Scott Bunting - General Manager NSW & ACT, AIG Australia
I became aware of Kate watching her heartfelt video about the tragedy her and her family suffered on Youtube and decided to reach out to see if she would be willing to come over to the US to speak to the siblings of Hello Again who suffered losing a sibling such as she. The rest is history she obliged! It was truly a blessing and honor have her bless our families via video Feb 2017 for our very first conference, and have her visit us in person for our 3rd Annual event which was held April 27, 2019 here in South Carolina.

We will be hosting another even in November 2020 in Dallas Tx, in the hopes that Kate will be able to join us in our mission to bless and be a beauty of light to other families. Kate is simply angelic, all that she carries is simply heavenly and so infectious that all she embodies is a healing agent for all who are bless to encounter her, hurting or whole. She adds to the human race, she carries peace, joy, purity, strength and love.
— LaDominique McFarland - Founder of Hello Again Community