Double Your Teens Productivity With This Simple Mindset Shift

Double your teens productivity! Kate Fitzsimons

Last week I helped one of my teen clients have a big breakthrough when it comes to buckling down and being more productive with her studies, and I want to share it with you!

Because I don’t have to know your teen personally, to know that they’re often stressing that their ‘to-do’ list about to eat them alive -

Has their history teacher just added another assessment to their already overloaded assignments list?

Are they freaking out you ‘don’t have enough time’ to do it all?

Now, how do you think they feel when thinking tthe above thoughts?

Anxious? Stressed? Exhausted?

Me too.

And all of those feelings are my guarantee ticket to procrastination (suddenly Facebook seems so much more fascinating right?!) – and surprise surprise, of course that means 'isn’t enough time' to get everything done (hello forever growing to-do list!).

The take away lesson here?

How you think about time affects your relationship with it.

Because the eye sees what the mind looks for.

Let your teen know that if you’re constantly telling yourself  ‘I don’t have enough time’, your mind subconsciously seeks out evidence to prove this belief true, compounding your anxiety and keeping you stuck in that unproductive cycle. (My client actually started laughing once she realised how much she'd unintentionally been setting herself up in this spiral!)

So with that insight, the next time your teen is spinning out in the ‘they don’t have time’ overwhelm, get them to take a moment to ponder this -

If you did believe you had all the time you needed to get your tasks done, how would you feel? Focused? Determined? Motivated?

And from these feelings, how much more productive would you be than trying to take action from overwhelm?

This can help them to see that in order to be more productive with their time they have to believe there is enough time to be productive.

Working on creating an abundant mindset with time will actually help you create more of it.

That's why I have committed to believing there is always enough time.

I love knowing there's coaches out there doing twice as much as me right now –

and I am committed to growing to become one of them.

There’s more than enough time for me to do so.

And the same for you and your teen. If you commit to believing so.