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Meeting a 99 Year Old Holocaust Survivor

On 14th April I had the huge honour of meeting 99 Year Old Holocaust Survivor and fellow ‘‘Bulanaire’’, Eddie Jaku. In this post I explain what this means to me and why we all have so much to learn from survivors just like Eddie who prove to us - you always have a choice.

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NSW Young Woman of the Year Finalist 2019

Honoured to be announced as Top 4 Finalist for NSW Young Woman of the Year and NSW Young Achiever of the Year. Here’s what the awards mean to me and the special people I’d like to thank for getting me this far..

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Don't know what to do after you finish school? Read this.

Do you have no clue what to do after your finish school? Do you wish someone would just help you find the answer? Here’s how you can stop the ‘I don’t know’ overwhelm and get another step closer to deciding what’s going to come next in this new chapter of your life..

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