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what school forgot to teach us about anxiety - 010

School is awesome for setting us up for many things in life, but coping with our negative emotions is definitely not one of them. This episode I dive into the 3 things you need to learn to better manage your anxiety that goes beyond just ''think positively''. It’s a must listen for anyone who struggles with anxiety on a regular basis - which right now is 1 in 7 of us!

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When You’re Scared to Let Go - 009

Finishing school often requires us giving up or letting go of things that we’ve outgrown in order to make space in our life for the new stuff – the new opportunities, new friendships, new experiences, new achievements, new goals, new habits.. Here is how you can find the courage to make those changes - no matter how scared you feel about it.

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Don't know what to do after you finish school? Read this.

Do you have no clue what to do after your finish school? Do you wish someone would just help you find the answer? Here’s how you can stop the ‘I don’t know’ overwhelm and get another step closer to deciding what’s going to come next in this new chapter of your life..

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