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The 5 Common Thinking Errors Causing Teen Stress...

Does your teen complain ‘nothing ever works out for me!’ or freaks out she’ll end up ‘the lonely lady with 9 cats’ just because a boy didn’t say yes to being her Formal date? Yep, I’m sure this all sounds familiar - they’re what psychologists call, ‘thought errors’. Learn how to help your teen detect the 5 most common thought errors before they spiral into self defeating emotion and behaviour..

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How To Help Stop Your Teen Feeling Like a Victim

Often hear your teen complain ‘that’s not fair!’, ‘it’s their fault’, or ‘I did that because she did this’? These are all signs of victim mentality that is eroding away your teen’s ability to be resilient. Discover what's the cause of this victim mentality, and most importantly, what you can do to help your teen change it.

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