Mangaging Your Stress About Your Career Goals - 018

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In our 2nd round of AKA (Ask Kate Anything), we dive into a listener's question about how to manage stress to avoid burning out along the path to his dream career.

I discuss tips and strategies to:

- Take back control over your stress
- Reduce your fear of failure
- Maintain motivation during setbacks
- Remove self-judgment and negative mind chatter
- Build a growth mindset with empowering beliefs

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Often ask people ‘’what would you do if
you could not fail?’’

But I believe the more important question to ask is
‘’what means so much to you that you
would be willing to fail at it?’’

Finding that thing that matters more than your
own ego and opinions of otherss - that’s the path
worth pursuing more than any else.

The destination might not be societal success,
but the journey will be personal fulfilment.

So you may lose at your goal;
but win at life.
— Kate Fitzsimons

Beliefs that build resilience:

  • I don’t need to know ‘‘how’’ - just the next step.

  • I don’t always know best - trust in the big picture.

  • I just haven’t figured this out… YET.

  • This is all happening FOR me.

  • Whatever I do or don’t achieve - I am worthy.

  • I’d rather an ‘‘oh well’’ than a ‘‘what if’’

  • There’s a lesson in everything - look for it and move forward.

  • My future self will thank me for this.

  • Every setback allows for a comeback.

  • Yes this is hard, and that’s okay.

  • No struggle; no growth

  • The hard parts are what makes it so fulfilling once I achieve this

  • I am growing through this.

  • If I can’t control something, let it go.

  • Little by little, one travels far.

  • It is what it is.

  • Done is better than perfect,

  • We all die naked.

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