Dealing with Survivors Guilt - 008

survivors guilt.

In honour of my favourite number, every episode with number ''8'' in it will be something different from my usual style! Today's is an AKA: "Ask Kate Anything'' episode where I'm answering a heartfelt question from one of my listeners -

How do you deal with survivors guilt?

A topic that's not discussed often enough, I dive into how to overcome the sense of guilt when you find happiness again after losing a loved one. I share the beliefs you need to let go of and the ones you need to embrace so you can move forward with greater peace and sense of purpose - minus the shame and self-judgement.  

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When you lose someone you love -
you can either let the best parts of you die
with them or take the best parts
of them to live on with you.
And I want you to ask yourself,
which choice feels most like love?
Dying away because of their death,
or living more fully because of their life?
— Kate Fitzsimons

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