The Trick To Making Better Decisions - 026

Decision making

Do you struggle to make decisions that involve big change?

Do you tend to choose the option that's most comfortable?

Are you sick of ending up stuck in the same place you started?

Yep, I know how stifling that can feel.

For months and months I recently put off making some big life changes that I wanted but was afraid to do. That is until I realised this trick my brain was playing on me - and then teaching myself how I could take power over my ability to make choices that align with my goals rather than just my fears.

Now I've learned this skill, in this episode I teach you how to practice it too so you can take back control over your decisions in a way that brings you closer to what you want and the kind of person you want to be.

No matter what area of your life you’re struggling to make a decision with, this episode will help you make it in a way that empowers you.

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