When You’re Scared to Let Go - 009

Letting go of toxic things in life

As we venture into the world after leaving school, it often requires us giving up or letting go of things that we’ve outgrown in order to move forward or make space in our life for the new stuff – the new opportunities, new friendships, new experiences, new achievements, new goals, new habits..

Here is how you can find the courage you need to make those changes - no matter how scared you feel about it right now.

Whenever you let go of something, you’re only scared because your mind can only measure you’ll lose – not what you’ll gain. It’s unable to predict the possibility of who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn or experience or where it could lead you. Which is why it takes faith and trust to be willing to give up what’s predictable for the chance of finding what’s fulfilling and the true diamonds in life.
— Kate Fitzsimons

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Why your brain goes into freak out mode when making changes

  • The number one story to tell yourself when you’re paralysed with fear of letting go

  • The belief system you need to adopt to feel more confident in the face of making changes in your life

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