Caring Less What Others Think And More About Your Dreams: Interview with Jonathan Frederick - 043


Today's episode is a special interview with Jonathan Frederick - Host of the top ranking podcast, “The Heart Healthy Hustle Show”.

I invited Jonathan on my show for deep chats about what it really takes to go from college grad to building a successful venture from the ground up. We dive into topics like:

  • Dealing with judgement of friends, family and followers

  • Overcoming procrastination and not honouring your commitments

  • Not taking the ‘’usual’’ path after college and figuring out ‘’what next?’’

  • Networking with ''famous people'' and people you’d usually be too scared to talk to!

  • Continuing on in the face of rejection until you reach your ‘yes!’

  • The power of vulnerability and speaking up to truly feel connected to your life and loved ones. 

Jonathan has a diverse professional background, from a Spinal Rehab Specialist, to a young but seasoned sales professional, a medical X-Ray Tech, and holding a B.S. in Exercise Science, he cares more about people than what he knows which shines through in his unique story of resilience and determination.  

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