Behind The Scenes of My American Dream - 013

Touching hearts

After a life changing week of speaking for the first time over in America, I want to give you guys a behind the scenes look into my own journey of resilience that's taken me from a broken mess on my bathroom floor all the way to the stage in Idaho Falls.

Resilience is about coping with change in a
way that allows you become better,
rather than bitter - by choosing to
believe everything
is happening FOR me,
rather than to me.
— Kate Fitzsimons

As amazing as this journey’s been, behind the big smiles and love hearts, has also been a lot of my own struggle, exhaustion and insecurities that I've had to push through. By getting vulnerable and speaking openly about this throughout this interview, I hope it inspires you to recognise there's no such thing as ''extraordinary people'' - there's just ordinary people willing to go the extra mile in honour of something that matters more to them than playing it safe.

My big sister was a powerful example of that, and now through the big and small choices I make each day, I hope I grow to become an example of that as well. An example of what is possible when you live not in fear of your dreams, but in faith of what is possible..


Huge shout out to:
- The students of Idaho Falls, Rigby, Ririe and Skyline High for embracing me with open arms!
- Nate Gladdin from the Rugby League in America Podcast for this interview and support this week.
- The legendary Idaho Falls Principal who made all this happen, Bobby D! One of the most inspiring human beings I’ve had the honour of meeting.


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