When You’re Feeling Out of Control - 056


In a world where there's so much beyond our control, it's easy to spiral into a place of helplessness and overwhelm - especially during your teens and twenties were so much inevitable change is happening and a lot of pressure that comes with it. 

Tune into this episode to learn how to take back a stronger sense of control over how you're feeling even when there's nothing you can do about the thing you think is causing it. Whether it's your boyfriend's behaviour, your parent's expectations, your body not being good enough or your bank account being totally broke - today's episode will teach you the ONE shift in self talk you need to make to go from powerless to empowered. You will learn how to stop freaking out in knee-jerk reactions so you no longer feel like you're forever at the effect of everything that's happening in your life - but in charge of it. Because that is what true resilience is all about!

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