what school forgot to teach us about anxiety - 010

reducing anxiety tips

School is awesome for setting us up for many things in life, but coping with our negative emotions is definitely not one of them.

This episode I dive into the 3 things you need to learn to better manage your anxiety that goes beyond just ''think positively''.

It’s a must listen for anyone who struggles with anxiety on a regular basis - which right now is 1 in 7 of us! Tune in now to begin to change this statistic for the better. I share actionable tips that will help you actually improve handling your emotional life in a whole new way.

Feelings are not something to be fixed.
They are something to be felt..
— Kate Fitzsimons

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Why I believe we’re more anxious than our grandparents

  • The 50% rule that reduces the intensity of anxiety

  • What feelings really are - and where they come from!

  • How to identify if you’re reactiving, resisting or avoiding your emotions

  • The 4 step process to actually feel your feelings in a healthy way

Don’t forget:

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