Creating Drama Free Friendships - 027

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Do you have that friend who's constantly letting you down?

Have you asked them repeatedly what you need them to do, but they're still not getting it?

Are you sick of the drama it's causing between you and wishing there was another way?

Well this episode, I'm showing you that there IS. It's advice that goes against the stereotypical relationship advice, but it's the most powerful advice that I've used to create peace, love and happiness in relationships that used to cause me endless frustration and resentment in life.

So tune in to learn the 5 steps you can start practicing to create all drama free friendships in your life - even with people you believe to be most difficult! 

The 6 Steps to healthier and happier relationships -

  1. Find out what your manual is (the ‘‘They should..”) and release it.

  2. Find out what meaning you’re attaching to their behaviour.

  3. Have the courage to share your story - and make sure you share it as just a story .

  4. From a curious and compassionate place, ask them to share their side the story.

  5. Challenge yourself to find one piece of evidence that their story is also true.

  6. Once you’ve vulnerably shared your perspectives without judgement, openly communicate your requests on how you prefer they’d behave or treat you - without hanging your emotion life on whether they fulfill these requests or not. Take responsibility for your emotions regardless of how they act - because you can!

    You can always choose a perspective that inspires love and acceptance - not for their sake, but for yours..

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