When Negative People Are Driving You Crazy - 044


We've all got that someone - whether a parent, friend, teacher, boss, colleague - who absolutely sucks the life out of us with their negativity, right?

They're constantly complaining, stressing and dwelling on everything that has or could go wrong. It can be a huge cause of frustration that's draining to be around - especially for someone like you who's keen on growing a positive mindset, it's like ''Really? That's how you're choosing to think about it?!''

Being around these kind of people can often leave you seething beneath the surface and wanting to cut them out of your life completely - but sometimes you can't, and what if you didn't have to?

What if you could be around a Negative Ned or Nancy, and feel completely at peace? What if they could rant and complain all day long and you didn't have to be dragged down at all by them? Yes, it really is possible - and today's episode will teach you how!

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