Dealing With Difficult Teachers - 006

Dealing with difficult teachers

It's impossible to get through school without getting at least one teacher you find difficult to deal with, right?!

This episode dives into 5 ways you can reduce your frustration over this and achieve your goal exam marks for that subject regardless of who's teaching it. Although we focus primarily on teachers; these powerful tools and concepts can be useful in improving on any challenging relationships in your life - especially when it comes to bosses, colleagues, peers, coaches and parents!


Your teacher is just reacting from their perspective, and the beautiful thing is you get to react from your perspective – and your perspective is a choice.

Rather than huffing and puffing in their face, you can remember they’re human just like you – doing the best they can. And even when their best isn’t fair, you can choose to accept, forgive and
let it go.
— Kate Fitzsimons

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • 5 powerful mindset shifts you can make to feel less frustrated around a difficult teacher and still achieve your goal marks:

    • Difficult people are not difficult until someone else believes that they are.

    • What we think about, comes about.

    • There will always be a difficult person. Always.

    • Everyone in your life is there for a season.

    • You don’t have to give up who you are to work with a difficult person.

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