Blog Dedication - In loving Memory Of Nicole Fitzsimons

At the beginning of every good book, you’ll find a tribute from the author to someone near and dear that they dedicate their book to.

I want to take a moment to do the same, for my blog.

I want to dedicate the lessons, wisdom, experience and advice that I share -

to my teddy bear.


In 2012 my beautiful sister, Nicole, was killed in an overseas accident, and this teddy is now home to her ashes.

In Loving Memory of Nicole Fitzsimons- Kate Fitzsimons

Your initial thoughts are probably like most, “Why on earth would you want that?”

Well because when I look at the teddy I’m not reminded that my sister died.

I am reminded that she lived - and by lived I don’t mean just existed in this world, but truly squeezed the life out of every day she was here with more passion and gratitude than anyone else I’ve ever met.

When I look at the teddy, I am not reminded of what I have lost.

I am reminded of what I have gained - all the lessons, wisdom and inspiration Nicole gifted me during her 24 years here and how I continue to grow from the incredible legacy she left behind.

When I look at this teddy I am not reminded that she left too soon.

I am reminded that she left with no regrets – you couldn’t hold Nicole back from doing what she wanted even if you tried, because she had the wisdom to know better.

More than anything, looking at this teddy reminds me of my ‘why’ –

why I am choosing to believe in myself,

to write this blog,

to empower our youth,

to take risks,

to go on adventures,

to take time to watch the sunrise,

to be willing to fail at doing something I love

and to be brave enough to create a life that I am proud of..

Sometimes I just look at the teddy and can already imagine the words of inspiration my sister would be saying to me when I need them most.

Life is so finite, so fragile and so easy to take for granted if we don’t remind ourselves of this daily.

That is why I devote this blog to my teddy,

And the beautiful life so treasured inside of it.

My Angel Nicole-Kate Fitzsimons

I am the proudest sister in the world.

Thank you for everything, Nicole.

Thank You Nicole-Kate Fitzsimons