Achieve Your Goal ATAR By Changing This One Thing

Achieve your goal ATAR - Kate Fitzsimons

Is your ATAR feeling a little beyond reach for you? Do you hate to even think about it because it just feels way too overwhelming, like ‘how am I ever possibly going to get through all I need to achieve that?!’ I mean if you begin to count up all the assignments to do, essays to write, equations to solve, hours to study before you finish your final school exams, it’s understandable that you just want to totally switch off and watch another episode of Pretty Little Liars..

Which is why I want to pass along this simple mantra you can repeat to keep you motivated towards reaching your goal ATAR. It sounds simple, but don’t underestimate the power of it once you really think about it –

‘"The most important step you can take is the next”

This mantra is a god-send for me when I feel like I’m about to drown in all the little ‘bits and pieces’ I have to do to bring my vision for something to life. When I'm jumping 10 steps ahead of where I am and freaking out about what's to come down the track..

“I’ve got to learn this new skill, then call this person, then write this presentation, then create this ad, then finish my website, then email another 100 schools, then film this video, then set up my online account, and then and then and then…”

When you look too far ahead at the distance between you and finishing your final exams, the tasks begin to pile up so high that it all feels way too daunting so you just end up procrastinating or sticking your head in the sand - ‘It’s too hard. There’s too much to do. I’m never going to get there.’

But if you ask any runner how they get through a marathon, they’ll tell you they’re not consumed by how far away the finish line is. Instead they just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Staying focused on that next step. And then the next step. And then the next step…

So while it’s great to step back and plan out the ‘big picture’ strategy of how you’re going to achieve your ATAR, rather than trying to control what’s miles ahead or stressing how many assignments you have left to do before finishing school –  focus on where you are now, and what that single next step forward for you is.

I mean there’s no point worrying about your trial exams, when you haven’t even got through your half-yearly’s yet - right?

So as someone who's achieve big goals these last few years, I can promise you that...

The most important assignment you can research is the next.

The most important paragraph you can finish is the next.

The most important important sentence you can write is the next.

The most important step you can ever take towards your goal is the next.

That’s how you make progress.

That’s how you create success…

Don’t worry what question they might ask in that exam 6 months from now,

Or if you’ll have 2 assessments due on the same day..

You will achieve your ATAR,

one important next step at a time.

If you’re struggling with motivation towards school work but still want to achieve your dream ATAR, jump on and book your FREE coaching session with me HERE - in 30 minutes I’ll help you get unstuck and back on track with your study!