2000 students in 4 days, here's the impact left behind..

From the 4th - 7th June I had the honour of speaking to over 2000 students at the Crossroads Symposium at Wollongong Uni - and it was one of the most rewarding weeks of my life. Reading through the messages from students below will easily explain why... 

Speaking about my sister’s death on a daily basis is not easy.

Sometimes I have to put my head down and not watch the accident footage.

Sometimes I choke up mid-speech when I think of a memory I shared with her, or how I can’t just reach for the phone and call her up ever again.

Sometimes I see the students coming in the room and I want to sit under the desk and hideaway completely.

But I don’t.

I don’t because each and every single one of these beautiful faces you see in this photo is somebody’s daughter, somebody’s son and somebody who’s future decisions I know I can help shape for the better through sharing my sister’s legacy.

So even when my voice shakes or heart aches, I will stand up and share it. In all of its beauty, and all of its heartbreak.

And I can’t thank all of these students enough for being so embracing of all the messages I’ve shared over the last couple of days - I’m beyond grateful to be a part of your Crossroads Program and hope you carry what you’ve learned with you for many years to come. ️

In the face of taking risks, may you now always think twice.

And in the face of any hardship, may you now know you always have a choice.

Kate FitzsimonsComment