I'm on a mission to empower teens through life’s unexpected, uncertain, and unwanted challenges.


Meet award-winning international youth speaker and resilience specialist, Kate Fitzsimons...

As a speaker and coach who specializes in uplifting teens, Kate Fitzsimons understands how overwhelming, confusing, and engulfing some challenges can be. Especially at a time in your life when you're struggling to find your independent identity.

As a high school student, she struggled.

Despite being a high-achiever with a supportive family, she was emotionally unable to cope with the deep upset of friendship challenges, study stresses, and social pressures.

The worst part? The unrealistic expectations she put on herself. And the self-loathing that followed. Her anxiety and shame caused behavior meltdowns that hurt those who loved her most.

To gain some sort of  ‘control’ over her life she spiraled into an anorexia vortex.  

I was starving, not only for food, but for self confidence and acceptance. Life was a constant battle of never feeling ‘good enough’ no matter how much I achieved.
— Kate Fitzsimons
Teen expert and youth motivational speaker Kate Fitzsimons specialises in empowering teens through the unwanted and uncertain academic and social pressures they face.

Then her world crashed down around her.

Teen life coach and youth motivational speaker Kate Fitzsimons knows what it takes to power through challenges. She overcame debilitating grief and anorexia to become a fitness champion and certified life coach.

In 2012 Kate's older sister, Nicole, was killed in a travel accident.

Her despair was debilitating.

Until it turned into a fire.

A passion to truly live. For both herself...and Nicole.

Her old self-perceptions began to burn away as she put one foot in front of the other—rebuilding a new version of her life.

She ditched the excuses and turned in her 'victim card.' For six years, she trained her body to become lean and strong—eventually competing and winning fitness competitions.

At the age of 20 she quit her “safe” corporate job and started a charitable foundation to help teens learn how to travel safely—in honour of Nicole.

Kate has spoken at over 200 schools to over 100,000 teens internationally and has been featured on TV shows such as A Current Affair, Studio 10 and Weekend Sunrise.

Additionally, she's been named one of Australia’s Top 100 Women of Influence.

"Kate has a rare ability to engage students with her story and leaves a powerful message for all involved. There are many engaging speakers out there but few have the ability to make connections with students like Kate does. I highly recommend Kate and her Resilience presentation."

Neil Scotney
Head of Senior School – MLC School